ARBIO is a well established professional company which provides a variety of expert witness and consulting services including, but not limited to, detailed vehicle and scene inspections, Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanical Engineering Analysis, Forensic Animation preparation for trial exhibits and/or other purposes, sophisticated Maya animations, ARAS 360 animation and simulation software, AutoCAD scaled engineering drawings (accident scenes, vehicles, etc.), 3D PC-CRASH analysis including PC-RECT and MADYMO modules, vehicle and scene inspections, with many more services on the horizon.

AutoCAD/Survey Drawings

“AutoCAD is one of the world’s leading design and documentation software solutions. AutoCAD enables us to apply 3D free-form design tools to powerful drafting and documentation capabilities.” —


“PC Crash™ is a Windows™ collision & trajectory simulation tool that enables the accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents. Results are viewed as 3D-animations and detailed reports, tables and graphs. PC Crash™ has an innovative collision model that efficiently balances simplicity and accuracy in reconstructing vehicle collisions.” —

Forensic Animations

Fast paced, highly visual information organized succinctly in a very small amount of time. The information we provide will be remembered by the jury as it is a break from the routine and a highly effective aid to presenting your case quickly and accurately. Forensic Animations make your presentations clear, concise, and convincing.


“MADYMO™ is an optional module that extends PC-Crash’s existing occupant simulation abilities with full FEA. MADYMO will calculate the dynamics of a standard crash test dummy during crashes simulated with PC-Crash.” —


“PC-Rect™ converts oblique scene photographs or videos pixel-by-pixel into scaled plan views. From the plan view, users can then measure in-plane distances and angles of accident scene evidence.” —


“The PhotoModeler Automation Bundle brings automation to 3D point measurement through marking of target dots and referencing/matching of coded targets. A coded target is a high contrast dot with a pattern around it that can be read automatically by the program. There are two forms of coding - the RAD target and the non-ringed coded target. The PhotoModeler Automation Bundle is made up of the base PhotoModeler product and the Coded Target Add-on Module. Note that the PhotoModeler Scanner product is a super-set of PhotoModeler Automation and it also includes the Coded Targets Module.” —

ARAS 360 Animation Software

Developed by ACTAR certified reconstructionists, ARAS 360 provides an intuitive, full-time 3D environment for both diagramming and developing a scene, and rendering powerful animations and simulations. ARAS 360 is bringing the latest in reconstruction technology to the hands of professional investigators. Learn more »

MAYA animation

MAYA is a highly sophisticated animation software that allows ARBIO to create amazing demonstrative exhibits.