Dr. Wobrock's Qualifications


ArBio and Dr. Wobrock consult and conduct expert witness testimony in a variety of civil, criminal, and federal matters including, but not limited to, topics related to wrongful death, product liability, railway matters, maritime accidents, catastrophic injuries, homicide, criminal matters, slip/trip and falls, falls from heights, premises liability, human factors issues, pediatric injuries, industrial accidents, gun shots, aviation accidents, law enforcement, fireworks accidents, high and low speed vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, tractor-trailer collisions, motorcycle collisions, bicycle collisions, and helmet/protective equipment issues. Dr. Wobrock has been retained in over 1000 cases as an expert witness for both the plaintiff and defense as well as testified in a large number of trials and depositions in civil, criminal and federal matters.

Dr. Wobrock’s terminal education includes a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from UCLA. He has experience in the fields of accident reconstruction and forensic biomechanics ranging over a decade. He is a fully accredited accident reconstructionist (ACTAR #1594), has published a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles, received a number of awards for his work in the fields of accident reconstruction and biomechanics, and given a large number of professional presentations in national and international venues ranging from scientific conferences to MCLE presentations at law firms.

ArBio and Dr. Wobrock are also affiliated with a number of professional organizations some of which are listed here.